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Altiplano Cocktail Recipe: Denver Art Museum Untitled October 30, 2020

  • 2oz Corsair quinoa whisky
  • 4oz local apple cider
  • 2Tbsp lemon juice
  • 2Tbsp organic cane sugar
  • 2 dried sage leaves
  • 1 apple chip

Crush one dried sage leaf as close to powder as possible and mix with the sugar. Dip the rim of your favorite cocktail glass in water and let any excess drip off. Next, dip the glass rim into the sugar sage mixture. Fill the glass with ice about half way. Measure out the whisky, apple cider and lemon juice straight into the glass. Stir with your bar spoon to combine. Place the apple chip and second whole sage leaf on top on the cocktail. Cheers and enjoy!

Welcome to Four Directions Cuisine

Chef Andrea is an Andean Native from Venezuela and has created one of the most unique dining experiences in Denver.

Her specialty is elevated Indigenous cuisine utilizing her classical training, ancestral knowledge, creativity and passion. There is great respect for ingredients and immense pride and courage when telling our stories through food. Allow Andrea to converse with you through the Four Directions.

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Chef Andrea has created thoughtful, unique and life inspired dishes by blending regional Indigenous flavors from North, Central and South America. In this interpretation of Indigenous cuisine, ancient meets modern, thought meets emotion and reality meets whimsy.

Sample Menu

Menu’s are temporarily modified for delivery. Please select “Full Menu” to view packages.


Where The Wild Things Grow
Rebel Farm premium greens, Ramona Farms tepary beans, fresh roasted corn, Summer squash, Séka Hills olive oil and elderberry balsamic vinegar


Quinoa “Bibimbap” Bowl
Organic red quinoa, Ramona Farms tepary beans, fresh roasted corn, Summer squash, Rebel Farm premium greens, roasted tomatillo salsa, soft boiled duck egg


Chilled Amaranth Corn Pudding
House made corn stock, amaranth, lime, agave

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Four Directions Cuisine

This is a woman owned catering business operating on four main pillars: sourcing Indigenously, sourcing locally, cultural advocacy and education. Please view the Partnership page for our preferred vendors list and more.

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Mon – Sun 7:00am-5:00pm


5885 Allison St #1774
Arvada, CO 80001


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