Welcome to Four Directions Cuisine.  The founder, Andrea, is a chef, writer, wanderer and so much more.  This website was created for a unique blog, Alpaca Roaming and micro food business Four Directions Cuisine LLC.  Andrea is an adopted Andean Native and classically trained chef.  Both blog and business are meant to be a place to share a unique life and food journey while exploring and opening doors to a very expansive Native community.  In Alpaca Roaming, you will find stories about food, culture, life experiences, recipes and social issues.  The first several blog stories are part of a mini series called An Appetite for Memory.  This series explores the food memories of Chef Andrea, friends, family members and colleagues.

The Fall/Winter catering menu is now available.  Please contact Andrea directly for any questions or to book an event.  Feel free to explore the rest of the site, enjoy the blog and follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram.