Welcome to Alpaca Roaming.  My name is Andrea and I created this blog for many reasons.  I have had a unique life journey so far but I’m not saying that I am special.  Many of these stories are being shared in the hopes that some of my experiences, struggles and victories help others.  I am an adopted Andean Native from Venezuela and while I never thought twice about who I was or where I came from when I was younger, a life changing event brought that out when I was about 28 years old.  Suddenly, my career as a pastry chef turned into an obsessive need to cook South American and Indigenous foods which led to a career as a Native culinary chef.

I found myself in a culture that made more sense to me in a community of people whom I felt more a part of than I had previously.  I was making more social and professional connections than I had in my previous life, my life of being a good married woman.  More on that in it’s own post.  The conversations I was having about food, culture and the world in general were so stimulating I could ride the high of a single conversation for weeks.  I had found a better place, a better life for myself with out forgetting where I came from or what I had been through.

This blog is meant to be an open space to share a unique journey, much of it through food.  There will be plenty of fun food talk but there will also be very real and sometimes difficult discussions about social justice issues, food sovereignty issues, heartache, face down in the mud defeat and even overwhelming victory.  There is so much to experience in this beautifully twisted life that after shaking off the past decade I refuse to miss out on a single adventure.  So kids, are you ready to follow me down the rabbit hole?

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