Meet Chef Andrea

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Born an Indigenous Andean in Venezuela, Chef Andrea Murdoch was adopted and grew up in rural Ohio, where she lived in between cultures. After surviving a difficult marriage that left her with PTSD, she explored her Indigenousculture, finding healing in learning about and cooking healthy Indigenous foods.

Combining her Indigenous identity with her training from the legendary Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Chef Andrea is dedicated to uplifting delicious, healthy and sustainable food as a way of celebrating life and honoring mother earth. Not only does she source her ingredients locally and Indigenously, she grows and forages for food whenever possible. 

Living in the metro Denver area, she leads and is involved with a variety of nonprofit Indigenous and food access projects with partners like Spirit of The Sun, the Denver Indian Center, Indian Health & Family Services and SAME Café.

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HuffPost Video

HuffPost created an absolutely beautiful Personal video about Chef Andrea and her path of Indigenous foods work. (link opens in new window)

Bring Them Home book

#BringThemHome is intended to highlight some of the heartbreaking facts about how Indigenous Peoples have been targeted, abused, and murdered since colonial contact in 1492. As you make your way through this book, notice how you feel page by page. Light and happy, perhaps a little hungry observing the beautiful photography. Moving on to sadness or maybe anger as you read about the atrocities of the Indian Boarding School system. 

By purchasing #BringThemHome, you have chosen to support the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition in their efforts to lend support and healing to the survivors of the Indian bBoarding sSchool system as well as the survivors of those who have never been returned to their homelands.