PTSD Awareness Series: Part Four

Welcome to week four of the PTSD Awareness Series.  If you have been following along from week to week I thank you.  If this is your first visit to the blog, I encourage you to read the other three posts in this series as well as the fun food memory centered, “An Appetite for Memory”Continue reading “PTSD Awareness Series: Part Four”

PTSD Awareness Series: Part Three

Welcome to week three of the PTSD Awareness Series here on Alpaca Roaming.  Thank you for revisiting the blog but if this is your first week reading I thank you and encourage you to check out the other articles both on the subject of PTSD as well as the food memory series.  This week IContinue reading “PTSD Awareness Series: Part Three”

PTSD Awareness Series: Part Two

Welcome back 4D supporters for the second week of PTSD Awareness Month.  Part two of the series includes information from two healers in the Denver area that I have come to know fairly well.  Aubry and and Audrey, no I’m not making this up, are both committed to helping people heal by giving them theContinue reading “PTSD Awareness Series: Part Two”

An Appetite For Memory:  Family Traditions In A Melting Pot

Welcome back Alpaca Roamers for the final story in the Appetite for Memory mini series.  Friends and family have shared their stories with us over the past few months but today it is time for me to share my fondest food memory, Christmas.  I have been writing this blog post in my head for monthsContinue reading “An Appetite For Memory:  Family Traditions In A Melting Pot”

An Appetite for Memory: We Are Norwegians at Christmastime

Welcome back Alpaca Roamers!  The November An Appetite for Memory story comes from my friend and Food Symposium colleague Anna Sigrithur.  She is all around my favorite Canadian and I love her sharp mind and dedication to food sovereignty, story telling, environmental responsibility and adventuring.  Anna has an intriguing cultural background of Norwegian, Swedish, IcelandicContinue reading “An Appetite for Memory: We Are Norwegians at Christmastime”

Autumn Weather Brings Squash Dinner

Hello 4D supporters and foodies alike!  I have been working on various projects but I did not want October to end with out sharing a new recipe, hooray!  Autumn is easily my favorite time of year for many reasons including, but not limited, to Iliza Schlesinger’s bit on Fall in her Freezing Hot special onContinue reading “Autumn Weather Brings Squash Dinner”

An Appetite For Memory: Polish Americans in New York

Memories and emotions go hand in hand.  I believe that is why we have such vivid memories depending on the emotions we are feeling at the time.  Do you remember your great Aunt June Bug’s coconut cake at Easter every single year with out fail while you were growing up?  Do you remember the firstContinue reading “An Appetite For Memory: Polish Americans in New York”

An Appetite for Memory: Jamie and Joe’s Chili

Welcome to the mini blog series, An Appetite for Memory.  As I move through this life and my career as a chef I hold certain food memories close to me while at other times my senses become triggered invoking a food memory.  I thought that if this happens to me it likely happens to othersContinue reading “An Appetite for Memory: Jamie and Joe’s Chili”