Education & Activism

As a fierce advocate for “food sovereignty” – a belief that people and communities should be centered in growing, harvesting and preparing healthy food – Chef Andrea is committed to a number of services and projects advancing her values.

Cooking Classes

Chef Andrea provides classes to create delicious dishes using Indigenous and/or local ingredients – in person and virtual cooking classes via Zoom are available.

 Public Events

Chef Andrea gives lectures and conducts cooking demonstrations centered around healthy Indigenous food, culture and history, both in-person and online. 

 Pachamama 5453

An experimental, educational agricultural project in Arvada named after the Andean earth mother deity,  to cultivate a high altitude garden connecting Andean and Colorado mountain farming. Chef Andrea conducts workshops on growing, harvesting and preservation for local nonprofits and community members to transmit important traditions, hoping to grow lesser-known, high-yielding and nutrient-dense Andean crops in the US to tackle food insecurity here.

Spirit of The Sun(SOTS)

Committed to Native Indigenous peoples and traditional knowledge exchange, Chef Andrea has partnered Pachamama5453 with Denver based SOTS to expand and strengthen educational programing, growing crops, seed saving, events and more to better serve our communities.

Indian Health & Family Services

 In addition to being a  featured chef in a virtual cooking class series, Chef Andrea served on a panel of judges for “Native Chopped,” where local cooks were tasked with using certain ingredients from a pantry box provided by Indigenous Tocabe Co. food leaders; points were awarded for plating/presentation, use of ingredients, etc.

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Girls and Two Spirits

Given that murder is the third leading cause of death in Indigenous women – and Chef Andrea is a two-spirit, Indigenous woman – it’s imposible for her not to put in work as a MMIWG2S advocate and activist. Her books, Warrior Goddess Dinner and hats sold on the website raises funds for the cause. 

PTSD/mental health awareness

As part of the marginalized Indigenous community and after more than 20 years working in the restaurant industry, Chef Andrea has seen everything from addiction to abuse – and so much more. She sees everyone who feels shut out by the dominant culture, advocating for improved access to culturally appropriate mental health care that recognizes us as whole humans.