4D Happenings

La Puerta Azul Cooking School:  It has arrived!  Join chef Andrea and her chef friends for an array of underground cooking classes.  A different class on a monthly basis with various WOC chefs with various backgrounds at a private location.

Warrior Goddess Dinner: A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to dine with us Sunday night!!! It was a SOLD OUT event and we were able to donate $1,100.43 to Native Women’s Resource Center!!!Remember, every woman is a goddess and will likely need to be her own warrior. No more stolen sisters. May 5, 2019


Missing Sister Salad

Navajo Technical University:  Chef Andrea returns to NTU in Crown Point, NM April 8, 2019 for a follow up lecture and demo for students, faculty and the public.  Menu to include wild rice pasta and the popular “City Walk” an edible memory of Ecuador.


Colorado Agriculture Day: Four Directions Cuisine, as part of Team Pork, took “Best In Show” with coconut annatto seed braised pork over savory Ute blue corn mush with toasted seed mix. March 20, 2019

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Exploring Native Flavors:  Chef Andrea and Comal Heritage Food Incubator have teamed up to bring the Denver area it’s first Indigenous cooking class series.  Class participants can expect to learn about Andrea’s Indigenous pantry, ingredients indigenous to the Americas and how to cook them utilizing basic and modern techniques. Classes are every Wednesday for five weeks starting on August 22, 2018  The fifth and final class will be set up like a restaurant “family meal.”  Class participants will be broken up into groups to cook various courses for everyone to enjoy together family meal style at the end of the class.  You can purchase individual tickets or a group of tickets for a discount at Eventbrite.com

Healing Fest at the South Pearl Street Farmers Market June 17, 2018: Chef Andrea will be there to discuss and answer questions about Indigenous foods, partnerships and upcoming events in Denver.


Toasted Sister Podcast: Episode 2 – Andrea Murdoch: Chef Andrea is honored to be included in Andi Murphy’s comprehensive podcast about Native American food.  Original air date January 19, 2017

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Slow Food Nations Festival 2017: Chef Andrea was on the Slow Food Turtle Island crew along with four other talented chefs from Denver, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.  Plans are being made to return in 2018 representing Four Directions Cuisine.img_3201Cook Book Cameo: Chef Andrea contributed an original recipe of “Inca Trail Mix” to The James Beard award winning  The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen in the category of best American cookbook 2017: Released on October 10, 2017.23131616_698955236978839_3603044628929681631_n

Navajo Technical University: Chef Andrea was a guest lecturer and demonstrator on November 6, 2017 in both culinary arts and baking and pastry arts.  The dishes presented were Coconut Braised Rabbit with Dandelion Pesto and Chilled Coconut Corn Amaranth Pudding.23319387_701514243389605_8159138139073502297_n

Toasted Sister Podcast: Episode 21 – No Longer Gentle Indians Part II: Native Women In The Kitchen: An incredible women’s round table discussion about real life experiences as brown women in professional kitchens.  Participants include Chefs Felicia Cocotzin-Ruiz, Claudia Serrato, Marlene Aguilar and Andrea Murdoch.  Original air date November 7, 2017.Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.41.38 PM