Elevating Indigenous culture through food and education. The Rooted Andina (TRA) in conjunction with Pachamama5453 (P5453), explore crop etymology and Native Indigenous cuisine in a closed gardening system.


Mission: To create a full cycle system on one plot of land as a way to exhibit Indigenous agriculture, sciences and foodways and facilitate cultural education through immersive food experiences and workshops.

Goal: To create a sustainable and healthy ecosystem utilizing Indigenous knowledge on one plot of land that can then be translated to community members in a safe and cultural space, as to sustain a 12-person gathering space.

Summary: Indigenous chef Andrea will elevate Native Indigenous culture through food tastings and educational programs at the outdoor gathering space and gardens in Arvada, CO designated Pachamama5453.

Future Goals for Pachamama5453:

  • Expanding growing capabilities with donated or returned land for community gardening and expanded education.
  • Recording and distributing digital online workshops on a pay-what-you-can scale to make food sovereignty knowledge more accessible.
  • Converting the underutilized shed on the property into a green house for seed starters.
  • Acquire traditional Andean seed potatoes and other root crops to start drawing parallels between high altitude farming in the Andes to the Rockies.
  • Empower our communities to engage in food sovereignty with ┬ámore confidence to help close the gap in food insecurity.
  • Continue to visit the website and our social media platforms for more updates – volunteer and donation buttons are on their way if you would like to actively participate in cultural knowledge exchange and community work.