Elevating Indigenous culture through food and education. The Rooted Andina (TRA) in conjunction with Pachamama5453 (P5453), explore crop etymology and Native Indigenous cuisine in a closed gardening system.


The Rooted Andina + Pachamama5453

Elevating Native Indigenous culture through food and education

Mission: To create a full cycle system on one plot of land as a way to exhibit Indigenous sciences, agriculture and foodways as well as facilitate cultural education through immersive food experiences and workshops.


Goal: To create a sustainable and healthy ecosystem utilizing Indigenous knowledge on one plot of land that can then be translated to community members in a safe and cultural space, as to sustain a 12-person gathering space.

Summary: Indigenous chef Andrea Condes will elevate Native Indigenous culture through food tasting and educational programs at the outdoor gathering space and gardens at her home, Pachamama 5453.


The stewards of this land, past and present, are committed to cultural food sovereignty, service to community and the empowerment to authentically engage in culture in perpetuity.


The land has been sectioned out into three plots:

Front: Indigenous science education – Pachamama5453

Center: The house

Back: The Rooted Andina – outdoor gathering space


The Rooted Andina will provide connected food growing and food tasting workshops at Pachamama 5453. Workshops are appropriate for youth through adult. The community education garden will empower our community members to relearn and reclaim our traditional foodways – and will supplement the produce sourced from other local and Indigenous growers, breeders and producers for chef’s tables.


During chef’s tables, Chef Andrea will engage guests in cultural food conversation and build community among participants. Tours of Pachamama 5453 will be given prior to the meal starting to provide education of a full circle food system on one Indigenous land site.

Tickets for this experience can be found here.


Arvada, Colorado

Off the I-70 / Kipling exit