Pachamama5280 is Chef Andrea's experimental and educational garden. In 2023, she will distribute six grow kits to a pilot group including seeds, soil, indoor and outdoor growing containers and indoor grow lights. Workshops on growing, traditional preservation and seed saving will all be covered along with support between workshops.


Future additional goals for Pachamama5280:

  • Expanding growing capabilities with donated land/space for community gardening and expanded education.
  • Recording and distributing digital online workshops on a pay-what-you-can scale to make food sovereignty knowledge more accessible.
  • Converting the underutilized shed on the property into a green house for seedlings.
  • Acquire traditional Andean seed potatoes and other root crops to start drawing parallels between high altitude farming in the Andres to the Rockies.
  • Empower our communities to engage in food sovereignty with ┬ámore confidence to help close the gap in food insecurity.
  • Continue to visit the website and our social media platforms for more updates – volunteer and donation buttons are on their way fi you would like to actively participate in cultural knowledge exchange and community work.