Four Directions Cuisine LLC is a multi faceted business.  We offer numerous services including off site catering, private in-home catering, team building, cooking classes and educational public events such as lecture/demonstrations with more services on the way.

Catering: Please view our current seasonal menu.  We can accommodate off site catering events such as small weddings, corporate luncheons and drop off catering for team or retreat style work events.  If you prefer small intimate meals served or prepared ahead (personal chef style) in the comfort of your own home please reach out to us with your needs so that we may structure a plan and quote specific to your inquiry.  We welcome all inquiries so please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone to see what the right fit is for your event.

Team Building:  Kitchen work is hands down a team sport!  No one can “do it all,” which is why we offer team building workshops through cooking classes.  It is a fun and inventive way to learn team work skills while learning how to make tasty food for yourself and others.  Reach out to us via phone or email to set up your next team building exercise with Four Directions Cuisine!

Cooking Classes:  Cooking is fun and it’s even more fun in a small intimate group setting.  Chef Andrea may host cooking classes of up to 8 people at a private location or in your own personal residence for you and your friends or family members.  Call or email to set up a private cooking class today!

Public Events:  Education and awareness are just as big of a passion of ours as food.  Chef Andrea has been a guest chef and lecturer at Navajo Technical University in Crown Point, NM and she wants to do even more!  Food lectures and demonstrations cover Indigenous foods, culture and history.  While our company passion is food, Chef Andrea is also an advocate for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement, PTSD awareness and mental health awareness as a whole.  For teaching and speaking opportunities on the subject of Indigenous foods and culture, MMIW or PTSD and mental health awareness, please call or email with dates and information.

Retail:  TO LAUNCH SPRING 2019