Chef’s Table Garden Series: Enjoy a multi course Chef’s Table experience in a private garden. Guests can purchase a table of six for a five course meal with beverage pairing. Only two six tops available per dinner service to create an intimate and exclusive culinary experience. Limited seating also promotes physical distancing for a safe evening. ***Available May through September***

Catering: We offer multiple types of service including plated, buffet, packaged drop off and hors d’ oeuvre.

Personal Chef/Meal Prep: Food is imperative to our survival but sometimes we need help and support. Set up a free thirty minute phone consultation so that a customized meal plan can be designed to fit your needs.

Cooking Classes:  Cooking is fun and it’s even more fun in a small intimate group setting.  Chef Andrea hosts “underground” cooking classes for up to six people in a private kitchen space. If you prefer the comfort of home, you can schedule a private cooking class with Chef Andrea for two to ten people. Virtual cooking classes are also available. Email us for details.

Public Events:  Education and awareness are just as big of a passion of ours as food.  Chef Andrea has been a repeat guest chef and lecturer at Navajo Technical University in Crown Point, NM, a keynote speaker for the Wild Rose Collective’s  Wellness Disruptors Conference, a guest chef at Community Kitchen Pittsburgh and Diversity Summit speaker at CU Boulder. Food lectures and demonstrations cover Indigenous foods, culture and history.  While our company’s passion is food, Chef Andrea is also an advocate for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement, PTSD awareness and mental health awareness as a whole.  For teaching and speaking opportunities on the subject of Indigenous foods and culture, sovereignty, MMIW or PTSD and mental health awareness, please call or email with dates and information.

Retail:  Click here to view our 4D shop!

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