Spring Equinox Cooking Class

Class Description:

To celebrate the Spring Equinox, Four Directions Cuisine is offering a cooking class at La Victoria Healing Kitchen in Aurora. In this class participants will prepare a Spring version of Andean quinoa soup utilizing dandelion greens, Colorado grown quinoa and other nutrient dense ingredients with great importance to Native Indigenous culture and cuisine. This cooking class is also a way to trace ingredient etymology and it’s traditional uses. From utilizing the entire dandelion plant medicinally and nutritionally to the deep cultural origins of quinoa, participants will experience an immersive class of pre-colonial culture. Chef Andrea will discuss each prominent ingredient being utilized allowing guests to see, smell and hear our traditional foods while an oral history is also being shared. This class takes guests on an agricultural tour of what is now called North and South America.

Chef Instructor Bio:

Andrea is Indigenous Andean from Venezuela and has a unique way of blending her ancestral foods with the traditional foods of North, South and Meso America. As a transracial adoptee,  Andrea has utilized her ancestral foods as a way of reclaiming her culture. She showcases the expansive culture of Indigenous and Native peoples through our diverse cuisine and foodways.

Date: March 19, 2024

Location: La Victoria Healing Kitchen

1427 Elmira St Aurora, CO 80010

Time: 6pm-8:00pm

Class fee includes all materials (ingredients, cooking tools, recipe and chef instruction)


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