The Rooted Andina: History Colorado Night 5.31.24

Join us for a very special Vinyl Viernes in partnership with History Colorado on May 31 at 6:00pm. In this immersive Indigenous chef’s table guests will have the opportunity to walk the Pachamama5453 land, home to our pending non-profit Indigenous science education garden. Chat with Chef Andrea about the crops being grown this season, how the community helped us with the build out and our plans for the future.

Once guests sit down for dinner, Chef Andrea and team will share four courses of Indigenous ingredients tracing the etymology and culture of key pre-colonial crops. Learn how and why we created our unique leche de tigre the way we did and why that cake is so tender.

Chef’s Table + Knowledge Exchange

Native Nosh (GF, V)

pit roasted carrot sage tepary bean spread x Native seed crackers x pickled avocado x garlic confit

Edible Landscape (GF)

Alamosa striped bass x leche de tigre x cholla bud

Spring Bisque

Spring pea x asparagus x avocado x candy stripe beet

Native Swerve (GF, V)

Ute corn swirl cake x wojapi x amaranth x berry x marigold

Cacao Steamer (GF, V)

Cacao tea x pepita milk x spices

***The above tasting is a sample and will change regularly within the season as crops are harvested and available***

The Vinyl Viernes experience includes one (1) crafted zero proof beverage, immersive four (4) course tasting experience, exclusive etymology conversation and knowledge share. We’ll play various vinyl records throughout the experience and we encourage you to bring your own for a potential spin. Guests are encouraged to BYOB if they would like additional beverages.

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No substitutions

Please share any allergy information with us

Date: Friday May 31, 2024

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Location: Arvada, CO off the I-70 / Kipling exit – address and event details will be emailed on Monday of the week you are joining us.


Elevating Indigenous culture through food and education

This unique knowledge exchange experience is an opportunity to explore Native Indigenous culture through Indigenous science and food. Your host, Andrea Condes, is a transracial adoptee from South America who is reclaiming her own Andean Indigeneity through cooking and farming.

Mission: To create a full cycle system on one plot of land as a way to exhibit Indigenous agriculture, sciences and foodways and facilitate cultural education through immersive food experiences and workshops.

Goal: To create a sustainable and healthy ecosystem utilizing Indigenous knowledge on one plot of land that can then be translated to community members in a safe and cultural space, as to sustain a 12-person gathering space.

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