The Rooted Andina – Pachamama IndigeBrunch 5.12.24

You have never brunched like this before. The IndigeBrunch experience is a family style immersive chef’s table with exclusive etymology conversation and knowledge share. This particular brunch is a special celebration for the ultimate mother, Pachamama, the Quechua word for Mother Earth. As Chef Andrea prepares to launch Pachamama5453 (501(c)3 pending), she wanted to create a special menu to recognize the land coming out of hibernation as the seasons cycle.  Motherhood takes many forms and all are unique and beautiful. We hope you’ll join us for this special gathering at The Rooted Andina in honor of Pachamama.

Chef’s Table + Knowledge Exchange


local greens x elderberry vinaigrette x Native seed mix

gluten free – vegan

Fruit Board

Pineapple x papaya x berries x coconut chocolate ganache

gluten free – vegan

Fresh Oysters

West coast oysters x plum mignonette

gluten free – contains shellfish


Ramona Farms Ga’ivsa ( pima corn grits) x duck egg x smoked salsa

gluten free – contains eggs

Corn Mother Cakes

Ute Mountain Ute blue corn pancakes with tribal maple syrup

gluten free – vegan – contains coconut

Coffee+Cacao Bar

Native Grounds coffee x dark brew cacao tea x sunflower milk x agave

Zero Proof Mimosa

Citrus x club soda x sage

gluten free – vegan

No event refunds or food substitutions.

Guests are welcome to bring their own sparkling wine if they wish.

Date: Sunday May 12, 2024

Time: 11:30pm-1:00pm

Location: Arvada, CO off the I-70 / Kipling exit – address and event details will be emailed on Monday of the week you are joining us.


Elevating Indigenous culture through food and education

This unique knowledge exchange experience is an opportunity to explore Native Indigenous culture through Indigenous science and food. Your host, Andrea Condes, is a transracial adoptee from South America who is reclaiming her own Andean Indigeneity through cooking and farming.

Mission: To create a full cycle system on one plot of land as a way to exhibit Indigenous agriculture, sciences and foodways and facilitate cultural education through immersive food experiences and workshops.

Goal: To create a sustainable and healthy ecosystem utilizing Indigenous knowledge on one plot of land that can then be translated to community members in a safe and cultural space, as to sustain a 12-person gathering space.


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