The Good Stuff: Food Menus


Roasted Venezuelan Pumpkin Soup

with dried sumac and maple candied squash seeds (V*,GF)

Andean Potato Soup

with annatto seed oil (V,GF)

Turkey Tortilla Soup

with lime, red onion, poblano chili and crispy tortilla strips (GF)

Mountain Biscuits

Bow and Arrow blue corn blended with amaranth flour to join the flavors of two mountain ranges, Los Andes and the Rockies (V, GF)

Where The Wild Things Grow

dandelion mixed greens salad with tepary beans, quinoa, Séka Hills Arbequina olive oil and elderberry balsamic (V*, GF)

Autumnal Quinoa Salad

tabouleh style salad of quinoa, root vegetables, apples, toasted nuts and tossed in house made citrus vinaigrette (V*, GF)


Purple Potato Dumplings

smoked tomato sauce and micro greens salad (V,GF)

Buffalo chili

with Ramona Farms tepary beans, and squash (GF)

Buffalo Ropa Vieja

served over Red Lake wild rice with seasonal vegetables (GF)

Venezuelan Arepas

braised turkey, ground buffalo or mixed vegetables with choice of red or green salsa (GF)

Biska’ cha: Rabbit and Everything It Eats

coconut braised rabbit with root vegetable, dandelion pepita pesto and reduction sauce (GF)


Red Lake Wild Rice Coconut Pudding

hand harvested Great Lakes wild rice simmered in organic coconut milk and aromatics (V*, GF)


an Argentinian favorite; dulce de leche de cabra sandwiched between tender shortbread cookies (V)

Blue Cornmeal Cookies

made with Ute Tribe blue cornmeal by Bow & Arrow Foods (V)

V – Vegetarian     V* – Vegan     GF – Gluten Free